Colonial Williamsburg Revolutionary City

A fully integrated traditional and guerilla advertising campaign to promote Revolutionary City within Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg
Revolutionary City
At Arnold, Colonial Williamsburg asked us to help promote their new attraction "Revolution City". Long before Republicans and Democrats, the Tea Party or Occupy movements, there were the Loyalists and the Patriots. Here guests would have to choose sides. Would you remain a Loyalist, loyal to the British crown or would you choose to be a Patriot to the colonies and rebel?

We thought what better way to promote this new attraction than to bring the debate that lead to the Declaration of Independence to our audience through contemporary media. We ran Loyalist messages in traditional media like television, print and outdoor promoting the virtues of the British empire. We then quickly subverted these messages with an underground Patriot movement represented in wild postings and guerilla tactics ad street teams. Through the messaging and accompanying websites, visitors could learn about the issues, choose sides and debate one another. In an effort to promote the new attraction, we created a virtual community of advocates, passionate about their positions and the history that lead to the birth of the nation.

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